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Donnell R. Fullerton P.C.

Prior to engaging in private practice, Mr. Fullerton served as General Counsel to Development Resources, Incorporated, a Washington metropolitan real estate developer; as Assistant General Counsel to Peoples Drug Stores, Incorporated, a national retailer headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia; and as a trial attorney for the Federal Power Commission. 

BSBA University of Florida.
JD Catholic University
U.S. Army Field Artillery School, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

Top American Oil and Gas Company

Provide real estate transaction support for retained retail service stations and retained liability representation for ExxonMobil donated properties. Provide engineering and construction support for retained and divested properties with legacy support for rights of first refusal, deed modifications and disputes. Provide support for escrows and access required properties

US Real Estate Counsel - Asset Management Fuels Marketing Division

Managed legal staff and provided legal services as counsel for Asset Management. Served as Construction and Engineering Counsel for Asset Management and as ADA Counsel. Assumed real estate responsibilities following resignation of Senior Real Estate Counsel and two staff real estate counsel in 2004. Implemented matter/docket controls and systems for acquisitions, leases and divestments of service station properties. Eliminated back-log of idled properties. Established process for coordinated review of properties with EMES. Implemented new double wall tank replacement and removal program in New Jersey and New York

General Counsel- Development Resources, Inc.

Served as general counsel to development company based in Alexandria, Virginia, developing residential and commercial properties in the City of Alexandria.

General Counsel – DRI Construction/ DRI Con

Served as general counsel for general contractor and for high rise concrete construction company serving as contractor of choice to parent development company and providing services to the public.

Professional Status

Admitted to practice law and member in good standing in the bars of the Commonwealth of Virginia, District of Columbia, and State of Maryland.

Trial Attorney - Federal Power Commission

Served as a public utility attorney for the federal government handling pipe line matters, curtailment of services and rate issues.

Professional Status

Admitted to practice before U.S. District Courts for District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal and U. S. Supreme Court.

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